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StarSlay3r now a host on the GGGW Podcast!

StarSlay3r now a host on the GGGW Podcast!


StarSlay3r’s third time on the Gamer Girls Gone Wild Podcast came with a special announcement that she is now the new co-host of the GGGW Podcast along with Paola “baby pancakes” Rivera.

StarSlay3r was a guest on the show two times prior to this and she is extremely excited to join forces with Paola. She will be joining the podcast as a permanent host every week.

Make sure to stop by the GGGW…

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StarSlay3r becomes a Twin Galaxies Trading Card

StarSlay3r becomes a Twin Galaxies Trading Card

StarSlay3r was recently added to the 2014 roster as the newest addition to the Twin Galaxies Trading Card Collection!


StarSlay3r’s new Twin Galaxies Trading Card will be unveiled at the 2nd annual edition of the ART GALLERY EXHIBITION at the ICON Gallery in Fairfield, Iowa, which will feature more than 1,000 colorful video game trading cards & posters that have been created by Twin Galaxies over…

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StarSlay3r on the HateBit Podcast

StarSlay3r on the HateBit Podcast

Check out our special guest, the lovely StarSlay3r, right here!

Download Link:…


0:01:29 – Silicon Knights Owes Epic Games EVEN MORE Money!
0:08:40 – ALIEN: ISOLATION: Now with blue dicks!
0:20:55 – The WWE Network: A Group…

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StarSlay3r on the Geek Speak Podcast

StarSlay3r on the Geek Speak Podcast

“It’s a very special edition of Geek Speak, as we welcome guest Ciji Thornton onto the show. She joins us to discuss her time competing in various video game tournaments including Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Street Fighter. We learn about her roles as a star on series such as WCG: Ultimate Gamer, The Tester, and Robot Combat League. We also ask about her role in breaking gender boundaries in…

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